Looking for ways to get involved with Environmental Awareness Month? We’d love your help spreading the word, empowering advocates and supporting the Nature Knowledge community. 

Here are five ways you can get started today. 

  1. Sign up to volunteer. Why not get a little dirty while you do some good? Look for opportunities to plant trees, clean up parks and build trails this month. You could even consider volunteering with Nature Knowledge.
  2. Share your story. The most powerful way to get people to care about this cause is to share what it personally means to you. Write a Facebook or Instagram post telling your friends and family about Environmental Awareness Month and why you think it’s important. If you don’t have a photo to include, grab one of our social media graphics!
  3. Write your representative. From water pollution to science curriculum in our schools, there’s a lot of opportunity to change for the better. Take a few minutes to let your elected representatives know what environmental issues you care about and what you hope that they can accomplish.
  4. Thank a teacher. Classrooms are critical to environmental awareness. Reach out to your own teachers, teachers you know or the teachers of your children and grandchildren to let them know you appreciate all that they do to create the next generation of nature lovers.
  5. Support our scholarship fund. Enjoying the environment and outdoor learning should be an opportunity for everyone to enjoy. By making a monthly donation to our scholarship fund, you can help more kids benefit from our programs. And when you give this month, your donation will be matched by one of our sponsors! Give today.

For more ideas and additional resources, be sure to check out the Environmental Awareness Month page and follow us on social media.

John Doe

Environmental Activist

John is a renowned environmental activist specializing in the fields of sustainable land use and conservation. He frequently writes articles on his own website and in many prestigious journals. When he’s not working, you’ll probably find him somewhere in the woods.

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